Senior Care


Our Senior Care program allows senior citizens access to food and other resources they may need.  For those who may be homebound due to illness or injury, we deliver food and hygiene products to their homes.  

A member of our senior community visited our food pantry, seeking a helping hand. As she perused the shelves alongside one of our volunteers, a touching detail emerged: she had generously given her final can of tuna to her beloved cat. Despite her own hunger, she prioritized her furry companion's needs over her own.
Upon departing Manna House, she left not only with groceries for herself but also provisions for her feline friend. This was made possible through our valuable partnerships with local vendors who supply both sustenance for our clients and provisions for their cherished pets. Thanks to these partnerships, they no longer face the heart-wrenching choice between caring for themselves or their animal companions.

P.A.N. Boxes

PAN (People and Nutrition) is a monthly USDA supplemental food assistance program open to income-eligible seniors 60 and older.  Clients must provide proof of income every six months.  Seniors can shop from the choice pantry or have selections delivered to their home.